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Coolest R2D2 Cake 20

by Adrienne
(Saudi Arabia)

R2D2 Cake

R2D2 Cake

I am not a cake maker and when I found out the girl who usually makes my cakes was on vacation - I decided not to buckle under pressure! I was not about to try a Darth Vader cake and R2D2 cake looked like it might be remotely possible. I had done a Google search which took me to your site and I liked the cake submitted by Bethaney T (Syracuse, NY) so that was my inspiration.

I used the Pyrex pans I had which already had round edges for the rectangle cakes. I used a 13X10 for the largest part of R2D2 and then I cut a smaller 10X7.5 in half and only used part. I then used a 10.5 circle pan and cut it in half - using half for R2's top and then I cut of the ends of the other half of the circle and then cut it in half. It was easy to make with regular size pans, but the problem was having something big enough to place it on. I used one of my larger cookie sheets covered in foil, but the edges of his "legs" hung off a bit.

I "glued" the pieces together with royal icing and then froze it so I could do a "crumb coating" later before icing it with a buttercream icing. I used a great new recipe for marshmallow fondant to make the blue detail pieces. I actually took wax paper and laid it lightly over and sketched with a sharpie to make makeshift pattern pieces which worked great! Then I did the final details with royal icing I colored gray.

One important thing to note is that if you use fondant- you cannot freeze or refrigerate it as it will get condensation on the fondant when it comes out and gets spots.

R2D2 Cake

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Mother Gone Wild
by: Celia

So good to see that things turned out after your facebook comments that your were fighting the marshmallow fondant! Next, I would like to see a fluffernutter fondant Count Dooku.

Oh my GOSH!!!
by: Amy Bratcher

I can't believe you made this R2D2 cake. (not that I thought YOU couldn't do it!) Geez Adrienne, looks like you might have found a new part time job during all your spare time, wink, wink!!

You'll have to give me a fondant lesson next summer...

Love ya!

That's my Girl
by: Dad

I'm glad they said it was OK for family to comment.

It actually sounds better than it looks. And it looks great, too. Wish I had been there for a sample and all the excitement.

I agree with Amy, now go forth and bake.

where there's a will...
by: janincolorado

This cake turned out fabulous!

I love that you made it with regular pans and showed how you put it together.

Learning how to make and handle the fondant shows that regular people (are you a regular people?) can tackle something new and be successful.

loved your cake
by: Linda

Hi, Thanks for posting the info on this great cake.
Would you be willing to share the fondant recipe?
My son's birthday party is next weekend and I'd like to give this a try.



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