My son decided he wanted an R2D2 birthday, and of course there are no R2D2 party supplies, only complete Star Wars options. So, I decided to try and make him an R2D2 cake.

I was really nervous at first that it was just going to look horrible. I ended up finding a toy of my sons that I copied all the detailing from.

  • I used Rice Krispie treats for the head and legs, and then four 8 inch by 3 inch round cakes leveled and cut in half, supported in the center with a plumbing pipe and inserted into the Rice Krispie head.
  • I made each cake rainbow color as because my son absolutely loves rainbows. To do this I made a white cake batter, which was not as runny as most batters, and separated it into 7 different bowls. I colored them red, orange, yellow, green, blue, lighter blue and a purple (mixed pink with light blue). I did not tell my son about this. When he cut into the cake, he absolutely loved the rainbow colors. 
  • I made the head so that it could actually turn while on the body. :)
  • Buttercream frosting was added and then I overlaid it with white fondant.
  • His head has silver dust mixed with lemon extract to get the silver color and the chrome on his body is the same.
  • The scopes were sculpted from fondant.

My son loved his cake. He also received R2D2 for his gift so we put him up next to the cake. All in all I think it ended up a success and my son was happy. His birthday turned out amazing.

It took me about two days to complete the cake and it was definitely my most detailed and challenging cake. It turned out way better than I expected and I had a very happy 4 year old boy. :)