I had to create a R2D2 cake for my son’s 5th birthday party. He was celebrating with his best friend Brady. They were moving soon and he was also a true Star Wars fan. It was going to be a special goodbye for these two friends from birth. My son Kelton truly thinks I could make anything. I searched pictures and ideas on-line and thought “how hard could it be?”  I had never worked with fondant before either.

It took days to create this cake. I made the legs out of Crispie treats and covered them with fondant.  Too bad Cake Boss hadn’t aired yet…I could have had more ideas! I bought special edible silver paint for details, I mixed BY HAND batches and batches of marshmallow fondant. Something that caused me later to have to see a massage therapist with my ultra stiff back muscles! I didn’t mean for it to be the size it turned out to be, but it was quite the center piece.

My son and his friend LOVED it!  All the kids could not believe it was a cake.  I made it from using several round cakes layered together with a dowel in the middle for stability. I used a Pyrex bowl to bake the top rounded head. A lot of frosting, fondant and creativity later, this cake was made. It formed a tradition with all of my kids that on their birthday, we search the internet together for ideas of what cake they want and then we make it together. It has become a special part of celebrating their birthday. I hope when they are grown they will look back fondly to the memories of all our cakes together!  I truly love being a mom.