My good friend from high school wanted to surprise his 4 year old Star War fanatic son with the ULTIMATE cake…..R2D2!!  Making this cake was very labor intensive, over 60+ hours to make, start to finish.  I first made a template for the legs and cake base. I measured the legs and the diameter for the cake base, cut and attached all together to make sure it would hold the weight.  I used 6″ round cakes and half of a ball cake, iced and filled with dark chocolate ganache.

I covered the whole cake and legs with modeling chocolate. I did make a mistake in the measurement; I completely forgot to add the thickness of the chocolate on the body of R2D2 and the legs. So when it came time to put the little guy onto his legs, it wouldn’t fit. I had to shave down some on his legs and smooth it down again. The one good thing about the tight fit was, when delivering the cake he wasn’t going to slip out at all, he was stuck in there!!

This was one of the BEST deliveries of all times! I walked in with the cake and showed it to Tristin, he was adorable, he thought it was his NEW TOY, NOT HIS CAKE! The cake was almost as big as he is. I have to say the best part of doing what I do isn’t always the expression of the kids, but the adults. They are more in complete awe, than the kids, the kids were just ready to eat it!