For my Grandson Harrisons’ 2nd birthday my daughter told me that his favourite character was Shrek. Being a bit out of date, I searched the internet for pictures of Shrek and was amazed to see that Shrek is indeed very popular and the pictures on this site gave me all the ideas I needed for this very special birthday cake.

I am obviously not a professional and the first Shrek I made looked pretty scary and very “Green”! I think the hardest part was trying to get close to the colour of metallic green. I mixed together green and yellow until I was somewhere near it and when the icing was dry, I dusted him with a gold shimmer that I got from a cake accessory shop and hey presto.

The internet is such a great source of information and you can find practically anything just by popping the descriptive words in the search engine. Also add the abbreviated words “vid” and you may find what you are looking for actually being demonstrated!

The Donkey was a little obstinate as his head wanted to drop down due to the weight so I used a prop for him to rest on.

The Shrek Birthday Cake was made with two Madeira cakes. I placed one round on the top of a square one, having first sliced them both in half and filled with raspberry jam. I then covered the two cakes with ready made butter icing and put in the fridge to set a little.

I placed ready made fondant icing in an electric mixer and gradually dripped in blue colored food dye until I achieved a pleasant sky blue. I then covered the two cakes and decorated with tiny bugs and stars.

I was very pleased with my cake and the look on my Grandsons face before he blew out the candles said it all!