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Coolest Traditional Homemade Wedding Cake

by Carol
(Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada)

Traditional Homemade Wedding Cake

Traditional Homemade Wedding Cake

My son and his future bride asked me to bake their wedding cake for them, all chocolate inside and all white icing outside.

I used the groom's fudge cake from the Wilton site except I used 4 squares of chocolate instead of 3. I baked and froze all the cakes and then 2 days before the wedding,I started the decorations.

I started the complex part I made 2 = 8 inch layers -2 = 10 inch layers & 2 = 14 inch layers - served 80 people. It took many hours of just making the icing so, I decided that it would be less stressful for me to purchase pre-made roses.

I needed to add 300 of them on the cake. It took approx. 4 hours to decorate the cake and lots of tears on my part. I made myself stressed even though my husband made me little jigs for the garland in order to be exactly centered on each layer, I wanted everything perfect.

I added cascading roses from one layer to the other. I was so nervous bringing the cake to the hall, but after that I was happy the cake not only looked good - it tasted great!

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