I made this cake for my friends Beach themed Graduation Party. I got this idea from several different cake site including this one. It was a big hit. I didn’t have very much time to plan it or I would have changed a few things. I would have added chocolate sea shells instead of real ones and the palm tree would have been completely edible. I made the Palm out of Rolos stacked on top of each other and fake leaves stuck into the top. The bottom cake I made in a large square pan then I crumb coated it. After that set up for a bit I added the sand. The sand was made out of ground up gram crackers then strategically placed on a little more then half the cake at a diagonal. Then I put Blue frosting on one side of a big pastry bag and white frosting on the other side and squirted it on the the cake and smoothed it out with a frosting spatula a little to look like waves on the other corner of the cake. I made the flip flops out of 2 rectangle pans and then carved them out to look the same size. I didn’t use a template but thinking back on it it would have been a lot easier to do that instead. I crumb coated both of those then let them set up. I Then added the bottom color of the flip flops then the top and added a little border of dots the disguise where the two colors met. I was really tired when I was doing this so I could have made them look a little nicer if I had the patience:0) For the straps I used large green sour licorice and a fake flower in between the two. Like I said if I had more time I would have rather made it completely edible out of gum paste of fondant. I then placed the flip flops strategically in the sand and I later added some real shells around the border that I also would have rather been chocolate shells. And that is basically it. This cake was a lot more difficult then what I thought it would be. But everyone seemed to enjoy it.