My grandson is crazy about SpongeBob, as most kids are. He asked me if I would make him a SpongeBob cake for his 8th birthday. Being a very proud gramma, I knew I had to make something special. I love to make cakes, but not just your ordinary flat cake was going to do so I decided to go vertical with him. He stands about 2½ feet tall. Or course you can’t have SpongeBob without Gary. Building SpongeBob vertical required support for the cake so his pants and legs are not edible. They are however covered in fondant, as are his shoes. I used black fondant for his shoes but the black didn’t turn out as black as I wanted so I also painted them with black food coloring. The cake layers had to be supported as well so there are cardboard cake boards between every 2 layers as well as support rods so the cake did not fall forward or backward. I layered the cake to created SpongeBob, crumb coated him and then proceeded to cover him in yellow butter cream and added his green spots with green butter cream. His mouth is cardboard covered in fondant because it is 3D, and then attached it with toothpicks. I created the Happy Birthday Cole banner that SpongeBob displays on my computer and then printing it out with the different colors. I found two plastic bowls that fit the shape of Gary in order to create him. My grandson still has Gary in his room. The board that SpongeBob stands on is covered with crushed gram crackers and looks just like sand. Since SpongeBob lives under the sea, it just seems fitting that that should be what he is standing in. I put a thin layer of icing on the bottom cake board and patted the crushed gram crackers into that so it would stick. The look on my grandson’s face when we got to their house was definitely a Kodak moment and well worth every minute it took to make it for him. When my younger grandson who was 2½ at the time saw it, he stood in a chair next to the counter where we set the cake and just stood there staring at it with his mouth open and his eyes got as big as SpongeBob’s were. Cole couldn’t have been happier and it was the hit of party.