Coolest Snake Cake Idea

Homemade Snake Cake Idea

I used 3 bundt cakes. For the “skin”, I used Duff’s cobblestone plastic mold and molded the fondant before putting it on the cake. I used yellow gel coloring mixed with water and painted the design on the snake. For the eyes, I cut slits in the fondant and stuck yellow M&M’s in the slit. … Read more

Coolest Massage Table Cake

Homemade Massage Table Cake

I made this Massage Table Cake for a friend’s 40th birthday party. She was going to school to become a massage therapist. 1. My son made the amazing stand for this cake. This is the most important part so hopefully, if you make this cake, you can make the stand or know someone who can. … Read more

Cool Homemade Fondant Bolt Cake

Homemade Bolt Cake

I made this homemade Bolt cake for my great-nephew’s birthday. To make a “Bolt” cake: 1. Go online and get a picture of Bolt that will work for a sheet cake. Print the picture and then take it to a copy store and blow it up to fit your cake board (Mine is 11 x … Read more

Coolest Money Cake

Homemade Money Cake

I made this homemade money cake for a graduate with an economics degree. I made 7 bundles of money but you can make as many bundles as you wish. Step 1 – Order edible photo copies of $100 bills. I used They came 3 to a sheet, so I ordered 3 sheets and had … Read more

Coolest Basketball Cake Idea

Homemade  Basketball Cake Idea

To make this Basketball Cake Idea, you will need three round cakes, one 10″ round Styrofoam ball, buttercream frosting, 10″ round cake board, and fondant. 1. A day or two before you make the cake, buy a 10″ round Styrofoam ball. Cut it in half. This will be the bottom half of the cake. Slice … Read more

Coolest Tennis Racket Cake

Homemade Tennis Racket Cake

Ryan plays tennis, so this Tennis Racket Cake was for his graduation party. Print a picture of a tennis racket from the internet. Take it to a photocopy store and enlarge it to fit on a 10×14 cake board. The round part has to be less than 9″ wide and less than 13″ long. The … Read more