Coolest Dr Seuss The Lorax Birthday Cake

My granddaughter is obsessed with the Lorax. When she comes to visit me, she goes straight to the computer, looks for the N for Netflix, clicks, and then scrolls down until she finds her movie. We knew no other cake would do. So I set out to make a simple Lorax birthday cake, just never … Read more

The Sky’s the Limit Shuttle Cake

The Sky's the Limit Shuttle Cake

I made this for a client who was throwing an outer space birthday party for her son. I make her children’s cakes every year, and each year she pushes the bounds of my creativity. This year she was doing an outer space theme. The invitations invited the kids to “Blast off”!  I borrowed some of … Read more

Coolest Baby Bun Cake for a Baby Shower

Coolest Baby Bun Cake for a Baby Shower

My client needed a baby shower cake, and chose this design. Since it was a small event, they didn’t need a lot of cake, so instead of sculpting, I opted to make the decorations from Rice Krispie Treats. I created the legs, feet, and baby bottom from the treats, and then covered them in fondant I … Read more

Coolest Face Shaped Cake

This cake was requested by a client who belongs to a book club. They had just finished “Shanghai Grip”, and there is a scene in which everyone brings a dish to a party. One guest had to bring a cake shaped like an old man’s head. So of course I got the difficult request, not … Read more

Coolest Spongebob Cake

Homemade Spongebob Cake

This Homemade Spongebob Cake was made for a 40 year old adult who loved SpongeBob! I made 2 French Vanilla flavored sheet cakes, each 13 x 9, then cut them in half lengthwise. I then stacked them on top of each other, with buttercream frosting beween each layer. I cut the sides sloping at a … Read more