I made this for a client who was throwing an outer space birthday party for her son. I make her children’s cakes every year, and each year she pushes the bounds of my creativity.

This year she was doing an outer space theme. The invitations invited the kids to “Blast off”!  I borrowed some of this concept from a cake I found on line. I wanted it to really be special, so I added my own twist to it. Instead of just putting the cake on a cake board, I used black oak tag from an art supply store. I then download our solar system onto edible paper, and laid it over fondant. I then decorated the board with the planets and gum paste starts painted with silver petal dust. The planets seemed almost 3D!

I made the astronaut out of modeling chocolate. I had fun with this eyeglasses and his wig. His hands fell off a few times, and I remade them using fondant, and then gum paste. Not sure what I kept doing wrong!

The space shuttle is my signature French Vanilla cake. I used 8″ round cake pans, cut them in half, then stood them up end to end. After covering the cake in fondant, I used fondant smoothers to shape the cake into a cylinder.The wings and stabilizer had been made in advance and then left to dry and harden. I attached everything using a damp napkin laid on the cake, then a little bit of icing, and held on until everything was stable. I used dowel rods on either side of the stabilizer to give it more stability.

He was ecstatic when he saw his cake. He had on a space suit, and matched the astronaut on the cake! I am always grateful to my clients for pushing me to my limits!