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Coolest Dr Seuss The Lorax Birthday Cake

My granddaughter is obsessed with the Lorax. When she comes to visit me, she goes straight to the computer, looks for the N for Netflix, clicks, and then scrolls down until she finds her movie. We knew no other cake would do. So I set out to make a simple Lorax birthday cake, just never intended for it to be almost as big as her.

I used a 6″ base, then 7″, 8″, 2 x 9″ for the tummy, then topped it with another 8″, 7″, and then 6″. This way I didn’t have to sculpt it at all. I ran dowel rods through the whole cake to keep it stable, then let set in the fridge overnight.

I had a terrible time getting the color just right, had to redo it many times. And I redid the nose maybe 6 times. By the time I worked on the mustache and eyebrows, I was in a flow.

She was ecstatic, and it shows!

Finally finished!

Happy Birthday!

The birthay girl seeing her cake

Redoing the frosting, trying to get the color just right!

Working on appendages

Getting started