Coolest Pikachu Birthday Cake

Homemade Pikachu Birthday Cake

This Pikachu Birthday Cake was really pretty simple. I made it for my son Nick on his 9th birthday. He’s quite the Pokemon fan. I iced the cake in baby blue buttercream. I combed wavy lines into the side and top. I piped the red lightening and smoothed it followed by a black outline. I … Read more

Coolest Army Camo Cake

Homemade Army Camo Cake

I had never done camouflage fondant before, so I researched methods of creating it and decided upon rolling out a base color(military green)then adding small amounts of flesh color, brown and black fondant pieces and rolling them out on top of the base green fondant. I used two 8 inch cake pans and a Pyrex … Read more

Coolest Space Birthday Cake

Homemade Space Birthday Cake

This Space Birthday Cake was made for my son Christian on his 10th birthday. He’s an avid space/planet fan so I made him a cake of the 9 planets. I Googled planets and came up with the exact order they come in and what they look like, colors etc, and based this cake off of … Read more

Coolest Princess Peach Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Peach Birthday Cake

My daughter Serena is a real Princess Peach fan, so for her 7th birthday, I gave her a Princess Peach Birthday Cake! I started by baking a regular 8 in round cake followed by baking a smaller Pyrex glass bowl to sit on top of the round. I iced the cake in light pink buttercream, … Read more

Coolest Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

Homemade Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

My son is a huge Super Mario Bros fan so I HAD to give him a Mario Brothers Birthday Cake for his 5th birthday! I used regular tinted green buttercream for the base icing, then made Mario, the mushrooms, stars out of fondant. The Mario I made was pretty thick fondant so it took 1 … Read more