Coolest Army Camo Cake

I had never done camouflage fondant before, so I researched methods of creating it and decided upon rolling out a base color(military green)then adding small amounts of flesh color, brown and black fondant pieces and rolling them out on top of the base green fondant.

I used two 8 inch cake pans and a Pyrex bowl for the round top. I iced each cake with crumb coat and froze them. I rolled out the bottom tiers fondant first, and laid it over the cake. I then laid a smaller layer of camo fondant on the top tier and put dowels into the 8 inch cake and placed the small cake into the dowels for stability.

I then added a ribbon of yellow fondant around the cakes and covered edges of it with a beaded pattern in army green. I had picked up plastic grenades at the party supply store, and dog tags and actual real spent bullet casings at the local army surplus store. I cleaned the bullet casing out really well as they were going into the cake.

I laid out my decorations in a random pattern around the cake. The bullets got pressed into the fondant as if they had been shot into the cake. My stepson is really into the army and camouflage right now and when he saw his Army Camo Cake he was so excited! He especially loved the bullets in the cake!

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