Coolest Space Birthday Cake

This Space Birthday Cake was made for my son Christian on his 10th birthday. He’s an avid space/planet fan so I made him a cake of the 9 planets. I Googled planets and came up with the exact order they come in and what they look like, colors etc, and based this cake off of that. I used a gray-blue for the background and combed wavy lines into the top and sides.

I then piped and smoothed the sun into the corner or the cake, followed by the nine planets. I then added the message writing and the stars. I made just a plain #18 tip border in white. Then to top it off, I sprinkled edible glitter to really give it some sparkle.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Space Birthday Cake”

  1. my son loves the solar system and I wanna make him a solar system cake for his 6th bday, how did you make the Saturn ring, and what kind of food colors did you use,I’m not a baker but I really wanna do this for my son. Thanks


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