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Awesome Adventure Cake for 5 Year Old Boy

Hi, my name is Michelle. I have been making novelty cakes for family members for the past couple of years but now that I have recently retired from office work I am enjoying being able to spend more time learning and exploring all the possibilities with my hobby.

Recently I was asked by my niece if I could make a cake for her little boy’s 5th birthday (Levi). She told me the theme for his party was ‘An Adventure’ & she was planning a rainforest bush walk with surprises along the way for all the kids with a cake at the end.

I was a little confused at first because she wanted to incorporate Aztec & American Indian designs on the cake. I guess the picture tells the story of what I came up with. It was a chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache because that’s  what he loved. I was originally going to put an American Indian figure in the canoe but decided at the last minute to try and make ‘Levi’ himself. That was probably the best choice I made because when he saw the cake his first reaction was ‘that’s me in the boat! and his smile was worth a million dollars. Funny thing was that everyone kept saying how much they loved the tree but that was probably the easiest part to do! Anyway the cake was a big hit with the kids and adults alike. Levi also insisted on keeping himself (in the canoe) and the teepee for himself. No one was allowed to eat him or his tent!