I got an order for a baby shower cake a week before the event to feed 50 people. There was no theme but there were certain colors for the party that she wanted to be on the cake. I gave her different designs to choose from and she wanted multiple designs but I thought that it would be too busy with too many designs so I wasn’t even sure how I was going to decorate it.

There was no budget for the cake and she told me that I could make it any design I wanted so I wanted to make sure I took the time to make it something that would blow her and her guests away.

I’ve always wanted to make a baby’s butt cake so I decided on that for sure for the top of the cake.  I was going to place the baby’s name on the butt but I changed my mind. She said that she wanted the fondant babies on the cake so my plan was to make ABC blocks and have the babies to match the blocks.

I decorated 3 babies. The first was an angel, the second was a baby in a baseball outfit and the third was a cowbow. The angel would have been by the A block, the baseball baby by the B block and the cowboy by the C block. Then I changed my mind and decided to have different colored blocks to say baby Samuel.

One of the colors she had wanted was yellow so I made yellow baby shoes but I wasn’t sure where I was going to place it on the cake at the time. I decided to place it on the baseboard and to make the cake look complete I added a rattle by the shoes.

I created that baby’s bottom before making the cake and mixed my fondant to the color I had wanted to look like flesh tone. When it dried I didn’t like the color because it looked like the baby was pale so I used fleshtone petal dust to paint it.

It still didn’t look right so I then painted it with pink to make it look like the right shade but I didn’t like the pink because it looked like the baby was sunburned and I painted it again with more fleshtone until I was satisfied with the color.

For the feet I made 2 initial creases but I wanted it to look more lifelike so I used an impression mat that i use to make veins with my leaves.

It took a total of 5 days to finish the cake with all the details that I had put. Everything on the cake is edible made of Rice Krispy treats covered with fondant except for the ribbon and the bling on the rattle. Even the inside of the cake was decorated.

The bottom tier had blue and white stripes and the top tier was 3 different colors. I made the baseboard myself and made it match the cake. I wasn’t even sure if I could finish the cake because I worked a 56 hour work week as a nurse the same time the cake was due but it’s amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it.