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Awesome Dad’s Yorkie Birthday Cake

This cake was baked fresh and was ice in vanilla Swiss butter cream and covered in white fondant with brown lace border. I worked on the Yorkie and chair a couple of days before to ensure it dried completely on time. I was trying to recreate my dads Yorkie and his couch chair where he sits and watches TV with the Yorkie.

Instead of making the Yorkie look like our Yorkie it ended up looking like the mother of the Yorkie which was quite funny. That was the hard part trying to make it look like our exact Yorkie  but at least it was with in the family of Yorkie  After covering the cake in fondant all that was left to do was to position the chair and the Yorkie in the right spot. At the end he got a Yorkie on his birthday cake. He was surprise and very happy with his cake.