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7 Cool Superheroes Cakes

Mix some batter, add some imagination and Shazam!… 7 cool superheroes cakes.

Save the day for someone you love by recreating one of these incredible designs. Then, serve them proudly with a SPOOOOOON! Who knows what evil lurks in the calories, but Flame On!

1. Undercover Superman Cake

Undercover Superman Cake

Great Caesar’s ghost! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the ordinary man’s shirt being ripped open to reveal Superman.

Featured cake decorator Hope’s inspiration for this cake was her own super man. You can see her love and admiration woven through every fiber. Her attention to detail is second to none and her crisp and precise edges make the cake look incredibly real.

Though it looks too good to eat I’m told it was yummy, but it took some super powers to get it to the birthday venue. Find out why here.

2. The Incredible Hulk Cake

The Incredible Hulk Cake

You wouldn’t like him if he’s angry, but molded into a cool cake you just might be convinced to take the bitter with the sweet.

Cristina’s 3rd birthday Hulk cake depicts the brute strength of Bruce Banner’s alter ego and for those planning a first birthday, we can’t think of a more appropos SMASH cake idea… Hulk Smash that is.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

Cowabunga! Look what we pulled out of the sewers. Simon’s TMNT cake is a showstopper. He didn’t miss a thing, including the turtle’s favorite food… pizza. We love the talent and fatherly love that was invested in this cake.

The final product shows no sign of challenges it took to get the cake from point A to Z.

See Simon’s story and step by step photos here.

4. Coolest 4th Birthday Batman Cake

Coolest 4th Birthday Batman Cake

Holy Fondant, Batman! Someone turned you into a cake.

It’s true! Featured cake decorator Beth reduced the popular caped crusader to his cape and mask and used that to accent a memorable 4th birthday Batman cake for her grandson, Luke. We’re sure this is a cake that young man will never forget. Great job Super Gran!

Find out how Beth created the cool edible Batman mask and other cake details here.

5. 5th Birthday Spiderman Cake

5th Birthday Spiderman Cake

My spider-sense is tingling. Is it cake or a selfie of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

Jennifer crafted this Spider-Man mask out of cake to celebrate a 5 year old fan’s birthday. We think it looks pretty authentic and the complementary cupcakes are a nice touch too.

Get more details on how she made the mask here.

6. Wonder Woman Cake

Wonder Woman Cake

Hera, give me strength. Wonder Woman is missing. No sign of her anywhere, but she left her infamous outfit on a baking sheet… or so it seems.

Really though, Rebecca replicated Wonder Woman’s corset in cool edible art for her friend’s 39th birthday. Find out how here.

7. The Ultimate Superheroes Cake

The Ultimate Superheroes Cake

BAM! The WINNER of our December 2014 Cake Decorating Contest and $50 was Tonna, the creator of this amazing multi-tiered superhero cake. Every superhero needs a sidekick and Tonna became one incredible superhero’s sidekick when she poured her heart into this cake.

It’s more then a cake and here’s why… Thank you on behalf of all of us for so beautifully demonstrating the spirit of the Christmas season in this cake Tonna.