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Coolest DIY Ball Cake Ideas

I made this beach ball cake for my son’s first birthday. I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan. It took one boxed cake mix which I altered the recipe by using four eggs and one small box of pudding. I cut off one end so it could sit steady. I put frosting in the middle then added the other half of the cake.

I put pieces of parchment paper gently under the ball cake so I would not get frosting on the plate. I used about two and half tubs of pre made frosting. I tinted about 1/3 cup of frosting the six colors of the beach ball. I scored the cake so I could see the sections clearly. I frosted one section at a time. I piped frosting on then used my fingers to smooth each section. I added a candle on the very top.

More Ball Cake Ideas

Cake by Erika M., Pearland, TX

Beach Ball Cake

My son’s birthday is in July and I wanted to have a summer themed party – so a beach ball cake seemed perfect. I bought the Wilton Ball cake pan, baked that and then baked 1 9-inch square cake.

I decorated the square base with green buttercream saving the grass decorations for the final step after the ball was done. I attached the bottom half of the ball with wooden dowels to the square and then attached the top half of the ball with dowels (after frosting the inside of the ball).

I then spread white buttercream all over the ball to make a smooth canvas for the rest of the decorations. I then traced the intended sections of the ball in the frosting and then frosted a black line to designate the sections.

Beach Ball Cake

Then using a star tip started filling in the sections. I piped my son’s name in the center and finished the cake with green grass piped around the ball and the edges of the square cake.

Cake by Norah M., Brookline, MA

Beach Ball Cake

For my son’s 1st birthday I wanted to make a beach ball cake to reflect his favorite toy: balls! Using two hemisphere molds I frosted them together, and then lightly frosted the whole thing white. I then used black gel icing to create the lines, and filled in each block with hand colored frosting. It was a bit odd to cut, but my son, and all his little friends, loved it.

Cake by Coral McA., Kitscoty ,AB

Beach Ball Cake

Our family went on a summer holiday and took our youngest son to the beach for the first time. He had such a great time that we decided to have his first birthday party as a beach theme.

I had so much fun making the ball cake! I found a round cake pan that was for a bowling ball. The cake was so easy to make and looked so cute! And the rubber duckies and umbrellas just seemed to fit in perfectly!