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Coolest Beach Party Cake

I am always ALWAYS so happy for repeat clients. It thrills me that they were happy with their first cake and have allowed me to once again take part in a special occasion in their lives.

That goes for this special birthday cake. If you have read any of my cake stories I am sure you will remember “the incident”…lol. I speak of the Cinderella carriage cake in which my daughter upon visiting from out of town accidently “baked” ALL of the decorations I had crafted on for hours. ‘Nuff said. I will not speak of this again!!  lol

But as fate (and my crazy luck) would have it, yet another “glitch” lay in store as I constructed sweet Ali’s birthday cake for this year!

Using a dowel for support as I do for traveling cakes, I measured WAY wrong to say the least. Once the top tier was set down the dowel stuck out just a wee bit much (and by wee bit I mean A LOT!) from the top of the cake. I thought …oh well, I can handle that … so I crushed some vanilla wafers, added granulated sugar for sparkle and created a sand dune on top using left over cake and buttercream.

Before I detailed the cake though, I wanted to make sure it sat well with mom, I had plenty of time to correct it if she wanted….I sent her a short explanation and a picture of the dune and (naturally, cuz she is just the best!) she thought it was great. Turns out Ali loved playing in the sand dunes while they vacayed on the beach this summer…soooooo, I do believe someone was watching out for me…and maybe knew a little better as to what Ali would like than I did….and that He is good!

The beach ball was krafted from, yep, rice krispies and covered in different colored gum paste. The umbrellas were gum paste cut into umbrella shapes and then layered with colored gum paste glued on with piping gel.  Her name was cut out of gum paste and glued on with the gel as well. The blue pearls are actually sixlets I purchased at a candy store in bulk though I see them in smaller quantities in the cake aisle in WalMart.

Ali also got her “own” beach ball cake to enjoy…It was a baked in a rounded bottom bowl and covered in buttercream befored the gum paste colors went on. I supposed she had to sort of crack it open to get to the cake part inside…lol

So stick it all together, squeeze a little sparkle gel from a tube for the water … and we are ready for a beach themed birthday bash. Happy Birthday sweet girl :)

And just as before I was rewarded with this beautiful photo of the cake taken by Ali’s uncle Ben. Who just happens to be Benjamin Martin of Benjamin Martin Photography….his work is amazingly AWESOME!!!  Check him out!

Alis own