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Chillin’ At The Beach Birthday Cake

I made this beach birthday cake for my cousin. Her 50th birthday was approaching and seeing as she LOVES the beach, I wanted to create something special in that theme. So, pen in hand and pictures swimming in my head, I started drawing and coming up with ways to create my cake.

Beach Birthday Cake Instructions

  • I started with a two-layer 9″ cake.
  • I skim coated it with white frosting and let it chill in the fridge.
  • I then iced the sides with blue frosting.
  • I cut out green Fruit-by-the-Foot in seaweed shapes and attached it, and added multi-colored goldfish crackers with white pearls for bubbles.
  • I piped extra blue frosting along bottom, sprinkled graham cracker crumbs all around and added candy shells and rocks.
  • For the top, I cut out the ocean, frosted the beach side with yellow frosting and then sprinkled it with graham cracker crumbs.
  • For the beach chairs, I cut striped gum in small slats, cut out KitKat bars in small rectangles for the frames of the chairs, and attached the slats with melted white chocolate.
  • For the cooler (my FAVORITE prop), I frosted a small snack cake with red frosting, cut out 2 holes for the chocolate liquor bottles and stuck them in.
  • Then, using the melted white chocolate as glue, I attached clear crushed up rock candy to use as ice cubes.
  • With the melted white chocolate, I also created the cooler lid and handles.
  • I attached the lid using a wooden skewer which also helped to anchor the cooler to the cake.
  • For the palm tree, I inserted a wooden skewer into a large tootsie roll to keep it stiff, and cut the tootsie roll to size, making sure I left a few inches of the skewer so I could anchor it into the cake.
  • With small toothpicks, I formed palm tree leaves around the toothpicks and inserted them into the top of the tree.
  • I then made blue Jello using the quick set method, carefully poured it into the cut out part of the cake and then added multi-colored swedish fish.
  • Finally, I mixed white frosting and blue frosting to line the shore and added candy shells and rocks.

Ta Dah!!

Chillin' At The Beach Birthday Cake