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Coolest Baseball Cap Cake

It’s my hubby’s birthday so I thought I would give another try to a Texas Longhorns Baseball Cap Cake. I made one other previously and I ended up doing everything the same with the exception of the bill.

I made a cake in the Wilton 1/2 soccer ball pan and iced it in buttercream and topped with fondant. I had my son draw me a picture of the long horn to cut out fondant for the cap. I took a piece of string to mark my lines in the cap and went over it with the stitch embosser. I created the vent holes using some icing tips.

Originally I cut the fondant bill and let it dry over saran wrap over one of my hubby’s caps to let it take the shape. It turned out perfect but as soon as I tried to attach it to the cake it cracked and broke right down the middle. I ended up cutting a piece of cardboard and put the fondant over it to shape the bill. Turned out OK – but I still want to figure out something better for the bill. Any advice on how to get the bill to turn out better is very welcome!

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