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Coolest Baseball Cap Cake

I bought Cincinnati Reds tickets for my dad for Father’s Day, so I made him this Baseball Cap Cake too. The cake is baked in an oven-safe glass bowl.

To make the bill, I used a cake-leveler to cut off a piece of the bottom (flat part) of the cake. This can be done with a knife, but a leveler is so much easier. Either way, you need to support the cake properly when it is sitting on the dome part or it will fall apart. After I cut the bottom off, I cut it in the shape of the bill and put it next to the dome making sure to put the smooth part facing up for easier frosting.

I have never found a satisfactory way to make red, so I used premade red writing frosting and spread it with a butter knife. The “C” is made with chocolate candies and the stripes are pull ‘n peel fruit candy. A chocolate candy sits on top like a button. This can be modified to fit any team’s colors, but if you can’t find pull ‘n peel fruit in the correct color, gel writing frosting can be used.

First lightly trace lines with a butter knife in the dome part of the cake’s frosting. Then use the gel frosting to trace over that. This will ensure that the lines are straight.

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