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Coolest DIY Basketball Cake Ideas

This is a 9×13 basketball cake. I made it a day ahead then froze it. When you freeze your cake it is easy to cut out shapes. I cut a little off both sides where the arms would be and then cut a vee for the neck. I frosted it with white frosting and used gel for the accents.

Fun Homemade Birthday Cake

Cake by Shirley H., Harlan, KY

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

This is two 1/4th sheet cakes one chocolate and one yellow. This was a basketball cake my granddaughter wanted for her birthday as she is an avid ballplayer. The icing is a creamed icing. I take 1 stick butter and 1/2cup shortening and cream. Then I add a 2lb. bag confectionary sugar a little at a time with a small amount of make to make it smooth. After all the sugar is added I add a teaspoon of vanilla.

The jersey I ran off a picture of from the internet and traced it out on the cake. The goal is a small doll stand. I then glued a piece of Styrofoam around the circle and cut a piece of the potato bag and made the net. The goal backboard was also made from a piece of thin Styrofoam. I bought the ball in the party department.

3D Basketball Cake

Cake by Shirley H., Harlan, KY

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

This basketball cake is two 1/4th sheet cakes. One is chocolate and the other is white. The icing is made with 1/2 cup shortening and 1 stick of butter creamed.

Then you add powdered sugar (2lb. bag) a little at a time. I add a small amount of milk as I add the sugar to help it cream. Also add 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Flavoring. I got this ideal from this cake site.

I bought a half moon Styrofoam and put a piece of foil under it. Then I decorated it like a ball. I ran off a picture of a ball jersey from the internet and traced it onto the cake. This is very simple to do.

Terrific Basketball Court Cake

Basketball Cake by Cheryl M., Tecumseh

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

I made this basketball cake for a co-worker’s daughter who loves to play basketball. I started with a 9×13 pan and used Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix. Then I made a single batch of butter cream icing. I bought the basketball men and net and just placed them on after the cake was decorated. Everyone loved it!

Nothing but Net!

Cake by Melissa H., Tuttle, OK

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

I prepared this basketball cake for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I used a glass bowl to bake the cake, and decorated it with fondant. Then I cut out the jersey shape from fondant and after that “painted” the details on both the ball and the jersey with food coloring.

Cool B-Ball Cake With Wilton Dinosaur Cake Pan

Cake by Jenny C., Mississauga, Ontario

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

I made this Basketball cake for my son’s 3rd birthday; he’s a basketball nut. I just moved at the time and did not have anything but a Wilton dinosaur cake pan. SO I whipped up the cake using one box of Betty Crocker cake mix.

I bought 2 frostings from the store, separated the icing in bowls and used just ordinary food colouring to make well any colour that came out nice (thank goodness the orange came out). I hand did the outfit using just the reg. white icing and then just added the rest in with a butter knife and a Ziploc baggie.

He was a happy boy in the end and I did a cake with one cake pan, store bought icing, and a Ziploc baggie.

Awesome Basketball Cake

Cake by Gus P., Bacolod City, Philippines

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

For this basketball cake, I first prepared the goal stands imitating the goals used in the NBA. First, I drew the goal as my guideline; I used Styrofoam and cut it based on my drawing. I glued it all together and let it dry.

For the basketball, you can either use the ball pan or you can use a ball Styrofoam and cover it with icing. I used boiled white icing and star point tips and creativity.

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

Unique Basketball Cake Design

Cake by Beverly B., Helotes, TX

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

I made this basketball cake for my nephew’s 5th birthday who is a basketball fanatic. I was trying to think of a cute and different idea for the cake. Happens to be that I had a basketball book that was shaped like a ball and had arms and feet on it. I took off the arms and feet from the book and thought it would be cute to put them on a basketball cake!!! I just made a 9″ x 13″ cake and found a basketball hoop to put at the end. Then I made a basketball shaped cake from a round bowl I had and stuck the feet and hands on that. I wanted it to look like the ball was jumping up to the basket.

It was a little challenging trying to make the ball and then trying to figure out a way to make it stand up. I ended up finding a glass jar and stuck that into the cake. I found a piece of sturdy orange plastic from a jar lid and put that at the bottom of the basketball and then taped that to the jar so it would stay put.

This basketball cake was a hit with the kids and everyone thought it was such a cute and unique idea!

Cool Basketball and Hoop Cake

Cake by Kirstin G., Kenosha, WI

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

For my basketball loving son’s 4th birthday, we created a basketball cake complete with the backboard and net. The original idea was simply the basketball. However, we added another cake to make the backboard. Either cake can be made individually for a party.

To make the basketball cake:

  • Bake 2 9inch round cakes.
  • Cut the top off of one cake so it is flat. Frost the top of this cake.
  • If needed, cut some of the top off the cake so it appears somewhat evenly rounded. Stack this cake on top of the first cake.
  • Add orange food coloring (or a combination of red and yellow) to white frosting to achieve the desired basketball orange color. Food coloring gels work best, as they do not water down your frosting.
  • Frost the basketball.
  • Add black licorice or frosting.
  • Pipe remaining white frosting in upside-down “V” shapes along the side of the cake. (You can purchase white piping frosting in tubes in the baking aisle.)

To make the backboard:

  • Bake a 9×13 inch cake.
  • Round off the corners of the top (one of the 13inch sides).
  • Cut off the lower corners diagonally.
  • Cut a partial circle on the base of the cake to fit the basketball cake into.
  • Frost with white frosting and decorate with red licorice to complete the backboard.

Coolest Homemade Birthday Cake

Cake by Carla W., Somerset, KY

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

This basketball cake may look hard, but really it wasn’t that bad! The base of the basketball cake is a 9×13 cake, covered in fondant and “painted” with food coloring to look like the hardwood gym floor.

Then, I baked a half ball cake, covered that in fondant and “painted” the details on. Then, shaped a jersey out of fondant; painted on the number and name and draped it on the cake. The birthday boy loved his basketball cake! He’s a HUGE UK wildcat fan!

Yummy Homemade Basketball Court Cake

Cake by Nicole P., Melbourne Cranbourne, Australia

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

I made this basketball cake for my son’s 4th birthday because he loves basketball.

I made this from no pattern, just out of the top of my head. The icing I used I had already made and just added the colouring. I then got a knife and did lines on it so it looked like floorboards.

The backboards of the basketball cake are just paper with a pipe cleaner holding them up and the nets are off an onion bag.

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture

Fun Birthday Cake Idea

Cake by MaryKay, Kiev

Basketball Birthday Cake Picture