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Cake by Tiffany M., Overland Park, KS

Coolest Blues Clues Cakes

I used two round cakes to make my Blues Clues cake. I used fruit rollups for his tongue and spots and Marshmallows for his eyes. This was so easy and turned out so cute!

Cake by Kara C., Westfield, IN

Blue's Clues Cake

Step 1: Printed a template of Blues clues from the NickJr. Website then scanned it and blew it up 135% and printed., , Step 2: Used two 9″ round pans – one for Blues clues head and one for the ears. I froze the cake before cutting out the shapes. Since I used only the head I cut a small piece of cake from scraps for the tongue., , Step 3: Used cream cheese icing which seemed to work great. The eyes are white icing and a chocolate chips that were pressed into the icing upside down.

Cake by Erin H., Wisconsin

Blue's Clues Cake

My son loves Blue’s Clues so I searched the internet for “Blue’s Clues birthday cakes” to get ideas.

Frosting the edges was the tricky part as they were a bit crumbly even though the cakes were cool. I used store-bought frosting and used Wilton paste for coloring it.

Following a suggestion on this website I used marshmallows and junior mints for the eyes. With a big group to feed I also made a plain chocolate sheet cake to go along with Blue. Though the frosting was not as smooth as I would have liked it to be my son loved it as did the guests.

Blue's Clues Cake

Cake by Lisa V., APO AP

Blue's Clues Cake

I used a Wilton Blues Clues pan for my Blues clues cake. I covered the cake with a thin coating of buttercream and then covered the entire cake in fondant.

Then butter cream was used on top to decorate. The nose, eyes, tongue and bow were made from fondant. I also made a Blues Clues piñata to coordinate.

Cake by Amanda E., Brandenburg, KY

Blue's Clues Cake

I made this Blues Clues cake from a template I found on nickjr.com. We made two cakes and cut the template from the cakes. I used plain yellow cake mix however I wish I had either frozen the cake or used pound cake for easier cutting.

The Nick Jr. recipe said to use taffy for the spots and the tongue; I just used frosting and tinted it the color needed. They also said to use cupcakes for the paws however I wish I had used cake because no matter how hard I tried; it still looked like she was sitting funny with her hand.

After I frosted the entire cake light blue I used toothpicks to draw in the frosting, an outline for the spots and her tongue. Needless to say the Blues Clues cake was a hit for my 2 year old…he loved it!

Cake by Laura F., Belleville, Ontario

Blue's Clues Cake

This year my 3-year-old was adamant that he wanted a Blues Clues cake for his birthday. I set out looking for ‘clues’ on how to go about it, and decided that I would design my own.

On paper, I first drew up Blue’s face and her paws holding a present for my little guy. I baked a 13×9 cake and iced it all white. I used a toothpick to draw out the design on the top (which is easy to smooth out any mistakes).

I used dark blue to pipe over the outline and then used light blue to fill in Blue, and then the darker blue for her spots. For her eyes I dabbed on some white icing and cut a sliver of black licorice for the pupils. I cut out a nose shape from a blue fruit roll-up, and the tip from jelly hot lips for her tongue. I used light green icing to fill in the present she was holding and outlined it with curling ribbon.

I decorated the present with candy stars and then piped on my happy birthday message. I even found some bone-shaped candies to add to it. It took about 2 hours to decorate the whole thing.

The best thing about making this Blues Clues cake was hearing my 3-year-old say with a big smile “I yike my Bues Cues cake mummy”.

Cake by Jennifer Y., Haysville, KS

Blue's Clues Cake

My sister and I made this Blues Clues birthday cake for her daughter’s 4th birthday. We baked 24 funfetti cupcakes using the instructions on the box. We used food coloring to color the icing blue, saving just a little bit of the icing to color pink for Blue’s tongue.

We decided to use cupcakes because they are a lot easier and faster to pass out to excited and hungry little kids. We rearranged the cupcakes to form Blue’s head. We did have to cut a couple of the cupcakes to make them fit perfectly and not make Blue’s head too square. We then frosted the entire area blue. We took a blue gel tube to make Blues Clues’ round spots. We also used white and black gel tubes for the eyes.

The tongue was the hardest but we drew it on lightly with a knife (that way if we messed up, we could wipe back over it and try again) and then colored it in with the pink frosting that we had made. We had a few cupcakes left over that we formed into a paw print just for the birthday girl.

This Blues Clues cake was a lot of fun to make and her daughter loved it!

Thanks for letting us share!

Cake by Traci K., Arroyo Grande

Blue's Clues Cake

For these two Blues Clues cakes, I used two different cake pans and made one into Blue and one into Magenta for my son and Goddaughters birthdays. I used two different size star tips and a multitude of colors to get the desired look. It took about six hours to do both cakes, but well worth the time and effort.

Blue's Clues Cake

Cake by Laura U., Knoxville, TN

Blue's Clues Cake

I used a Blues Clues face pan that I bought from a party city store. I made homemade icing and dyed it to a color blue. I added a bit more blue to some frosting I put on the side for the spots.

Cake by Shari S., Houston, TX

Blue's Clues Cake

This was a 9×13 that I froze for easy cutting. I printed a picture of Blue from Blues Clues off the computer and used it as a template.

The Blue’s Clues cake was iced in light blue. I cut out the spots and nose of the template and spray painted it blue. I used pink sprinkles for the tongue. I used marshmallows and junior mints for the eyes. This was for my daughters 3rd birthday and she LOVED the cake.

Cake by Angie K., Sikeston, MO

Blue's Clues Cake

For my son’s first birthday party I decided to use Blues Clues as the theme. For the cake I purchased a Blue’s Clues coloring book. I found a picture that I liked best, cut it out, and colored it to use for a guide when shaping and icing the Blues Clues cake.

I used Funfetti cake mix (this cake was huge, it took 12 boxes of cake mix). I baked many cakes in all different sizes. To start I cut the basic shape for each dog’s head. Then I cut ear-pieces for Blue and Magenta. I just used little scrap pieces of cake for Green Puppy’s ears and tail.

Their bodies were just basic ovals cut from the cake. The present in the middle was just an 8×8 square cake uncut. To ice the cake I simply made a lot of butter cream frosting, set aside equal parts in different bowls, and dyed each one as close as I could to what each dog looked like on the Blue’s Clues TV show. Then I just started icing the cake with a basic star pattern. The bow I used was a real oversized present bow.

Cake by Shana G., Stouffville, Ont.

Blue's Clues Cake

Everyone was really surprised and happy with the way this Blues Clues cake turned out! It’s just a plain slab cake. I iced the cake lightly. Then I traced a Blues Clues design on the icing with a toothpick. I filled it in with the appropriate colors.

Then I just used circles to make the paws on the corners. We had a Blue’s Clues theme for the party. I had a hard time finding hats and napkins for the theme, but I improvised with hats and napkins that were part of a dog theme. The napkins had blue paw prints and the hats had blue and green paw prints, so it worked out well!