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Cool Butterfly Birthday Cake

This cake was fairly easy to make! I bought 4 heart-shaped cake pans from the local party shop (disposable aluminum kind for $1). The wings were made from the hearts and each heart was about 1/2 of a cake mix. The body was an oval casserole pan that used about 1/3 of a cake mix, maybe less. The head was a giant cupcake.

The most time consuming part was frosting of course! I would suggest that if you’re going to pipe a border, that you cool the frosting just a little bit. It seemed to come out of the gun a little fast if it was room temperature. I seemed to have more control over the edging if it was just a little cool.

This cake was a show-stopper and I had so much fun! My daughter probably won’t remember her 2nd birthday, but we will :)