Call the Doc McStuffins Cake

My sister and I have watched and helped my Mom make cakes for many years. I am almost 45 and my sister is almost 42.  We both have daughters, hers is 10 and mine just turned 4.  We started asking our daughters months in advance about what kind of cake they want for their birthdays.  My daughter decided on Doc McStuffins in Oct 2013 for her birthday in Feb 2014.  During these few months, my Mom, sister, and I strategize about how we should make the cake and what it should look like.  I had a design in my head and just had to get a few items to put it all together.

A little history, in 2010, my Mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and in Jan 2011, she had a crainiotomy so they could take out as much as they could.  Luckily, she does not have cancer, but she has had to pick and choose what she does now so she does not wear herself out.  A cool side note, even though my mom had surgery in Jan 2011, she helped me make my daughter’s first birthday cake in Feb 2011.

Back to this cake, all of our cakes are made with frozen Sara Lee pound cake. They are dense and you can built them into anything you want.  We knew we wanted to make a doctor’s bag and the Big Book of Boo Boos as we were having about 50 at the party.  I decided to attempt using fondant.  We built the cake and rolled out the purple fondant.  We covered the doctor’s bag and hated how it looked.  The edges were not pretty.  So I took some pink fondant and made thin ropes to go around all the edges.  What a difference this made!  We decided to not use fondant on the book cake so we just used butter cream frosting.  I was trying to find something in the store to use for the spiral rings on the book and looked in the gardening section and found little rubber hose rings.  They were perfect!

When we finished the cake, we put Doc and her friends on the cake as well as some supplies. Haydyn was amazed when she came home from school.  She loved it!  Everyone who came to the party thought the cake was amazing and very professional.  It was truly a six hour labor of love.