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Coolest Doc McStuffins Doctor Bag Cake

This cake was a labor of love for my granddaughters 5 birthday. I started by making a 8″ round cake and carved it to resemble a handbag. i made the handle about 3 days before so that it would firm up enough to stand up on its own. The day of her party I covered te cake with frosting and fondant. The hardest part was making Doc Mcstuffins face. I had such a hard time with the nose that I had to redo it multiple times and at one point it looked like a alien! Finally everything started to come together and before a realized it all I had left was the stethoscope.

i was so relieved when I stood back and looked at the finish product.

At the party the kids and the parents thought it was a decoration and not vanilla cake. Everyone took pictures as they couldn’t believe what I had done. When I turned it sideways to cut several parents just starred and stated it was too pretty to cut.

i decorated cupcakes also so that anyone who wanted chocolate cake.

The look on my granddaughters face when she saw it made all the work a special moment for me.

Doc Mcstuffin

Dic Mcstuffin

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  1. Wondering if you use the sugar sheet, for the pink handle? I am making mine next month for my daughter birthday and just using purple frosting for the cake and then top with the pink sugar sheet. My question is how to sprinkle the sugar sprinkles on the sugar sheet. I never make using the sugar sheet. for the handle part you said you make it 3 days before to make it firm is that sugar sheet or cardboard to put the sugar sheet on it?

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