Coolest Doghouse Birthday Cake

Homemade  Doghouse Birthday Cake

This Doghouse Birthday Cake was my son Jack’s first birthday cake. I wanted it to be something really special so I did the theme of what he loves most, our dogs! I couldn’t find any ideas that were just right and then I came up with this! It is all BC frosting with fondant dogs … Read more

Coolest Dog House Cake

Homemade Dog House Cake 2

We found this cute marzipan (almond paste) dog at a local chocolatier. The figure resembled our own family pet, so we had to find some way to use it. The idea for this dog house cake came from Wilton’s stand-up house pan. Although the directions say the pan is sized for a single cake mix, … Read more

Coolest DIY Dog House Cake

Coolest Dog House Cake Ideas and Photos

For my son’s first birthday I did a dog house cake. I wanted him to have his own cake for him to dig into so I created a dog house for him and then a large oval sheet cake for the others. Dog House: I baked the cake in a small loaf pan. Place in … Read more