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Coolest Dog House Cake

We found this cute marzipan (almond paste) dog at a local chocolatier. The figure resembled our own family pet, so we had to find some way to use it. The idea for this dog house cake came from Wilton’s stand-up house pan.

Although the directions say the pan is sized for a single cake mix, I recommend using one and a half. Since the resulting cake isn’t very steady, we cut into several 2-inch layers, filling each with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla buttercream. The bone was made by shaping and baking refrigerated crescent roll dough, then brushing it with corn syrup when removed from the oven. A sugar cookie or fondant shape would probably have worked better, though.

We shared the finished cake with the staff at our dog’s veterinary clinic, who have become as much a part of our family as our pets. Another fun idea is to throw an adoption “shower” for families taking home their first puppy.

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