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Cute Homemade Orange Baby Carriage Cake

I made this baby carriage cake for my daughter-in-law after she brought beautiful Zoey Isabella home from the hospital. I used the Wilton baby carriage pan and their white decorator frosting which crusts up really well and then three tubes of pink Wilton frosting tubes with a star tip attached for the hood of the carriage.

I decided to go for the basketweave effect because I didn’t want to pipe that many stars on the body of the carriage. I have lots of candy molds in different shapes but only one gift-shaped one so I had to melt pink candy melts and refrigerate them one at a time to get four little presents for the edge of the cake board which I covered in pink baby scrapbooking paper.

She loved all the little decorations I used and kept them to put in the baby’s memory book.

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