Coolest South Park Cake

Coolest South Park Cake Ideas and Photos

I just made a box cake and used fondant frosting for the face of this South park cake. It was my first time using fondant frosting but I think it’s pretty good. I got a good recipient for the fondant online. Here goes: 1 cup light corn syrup, 1 cup Crisco. Mix together well. Add … Read more

Coolest Kenny Cake

Homemade Kenny Cake

My 15 year old niece has a good friend named Kenny, and she was teasing him about having the same name as the South Park character one day. A little while later, she needed some cheering up so I decided to make her a Kenny cake to make her smile. Instead of “you killed Kenny” … Read more

Coolest South Park Cake

South Park Cake

I made the shape drawn out on foam core, and used it as the cake board. These are basically round cakes, all covered in fondant. They are cut out to fit into one another. The South Park cake itself weighed about 30 pounds, as it is all triple layer. I used chocolate frosting as the … Read more

Cool Homemade South Park Cake

South Park Cake

My parents made this South Park cake for my birthday as I love South Park – especially Cartman! My mum made her special chocolate cake (secret recipe!)and baked it in a 20cm by 23cm tin. This was iced in light pink buttercream frosting and left to crust over. Meanwhile, my dad had printed a picture … Read more

Coolest South Park Cake

Homemade South Park Cake

I used butter cream for all frosting on this South Park cake. I used Wilton and Satin Ice fondant since that is what I had. The cake needs to be very dense. I used a box mix – Duncan Heinz red velvet. A pound cake will work nice too. The bottom 2 tiers are 15″ … Read more

Coolest Cartman Birthday Cake

Homemade Cartman Birthday Cake

I used two white boxed cake mixes for this Cartman Birthday Cake and added in almond extract to give it a much bolder flavor. Baked them in a 9 x 13 pan. When they were cooled I cut the cakes in half and filled them with homemade buttercream icing and put the back together. Then … Read more

Coolest South Park Birthday Cake

Homemade South Park Birthday Cake

My husband’s name is Kenny, naturally as a young male the whole “Kenny” thing from South Park follows him. He enjoys the show and watches it often. When he turned 21 I seized my opportunity to make a “They Killed Kenny” kind of cake and thought what better way to make him die on his … Read more

Coolest South Park Mr Mackey Cake

Homemade South Park Mr Mackey Cake

My Son asked for a homemade South Park Mr Mackay cake… Mr Mackey his favorite person on the show! I started off with a 1/2 sheet cake pan (the cake was double fudge chocolate) and frosted it with butter creme frosting. I found a picture of Mr Mackey on the internet, printed it and traced … Read more

Cool Homemade South Park Birthday Cake

Homemade South Park Birthday Cake

Well to start off, my South Park Birthday Cake was made for my brother’s 24th birthday. Its a white cake. The frosting I started off with were pink, milk chocolate and vanilla. I made all my colors up with food dye. I was looking at a picture that I printed out from the internet. I … Read more