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Coolest South Park Birthday Cake

My husband’s name is Kenny, naturally as a young male the whole “Kenny” thing from South Park follows him. He enjoys the show and watches it often. When he turned 21 I seized my opportunity to make a “They Killed Kenny” kind of cake and thought what better way to make him die on his 21st birthday? Alcohol poisoning of course! It’s made even funnier because my hubby is a very very cheap date!

This is how I made this South Park Birthday Cake:

1. Bake the following cakes:

-9in circle for the head

-9×13 for the body

-2 jumbo sized cupcakes for the hands

2. Cut out the body to resemble Kenny, and cut a “half moon” shape to create a “neck” for the round cake to fit into.

3. Place the head in the neck divet, then place the cupcakes to the side of him for the hands.

4. Frost accordingly. Remember to do a little dollop on the hand for the “thumb”

5. The bottle he is holding is real, but they don’t make Tattoo rum bottles that small…so what I did to create one is peel the label off a full sized Tattoo bottle (or any alcohol of your choice) and place it on a smaller Bacardi Mojito bottle. Place the bottle in his hand and voila…You killed Kenny.

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