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Cool Homemade South Park Cake

My parents made this South Park cake for my birthday as I love South Park – especially Cartman! My mum made her special chocolate cake (secret recipe!)and baked it in a 20cm by 23cm tin. This was iced in light pink buttercream frosting and left to crust over.

Meanwhile, my dad had printed a picture of Cartman (he scaled it to fit the tin) and used it to do the frozen buttercream transfer method. First he taped greaseproof paper over the top and outlined Cartman in black, and put him into the freezer until the outline was hard. He then filled Cartman in with appropriate colours, which my mum had made by adding different food colourings to white buttercream. When my dad had filled all the colours in it went back into the freezer for a couple of hours until it was hard. He then covered it in a layer of light pink (same as the icing on the cake)and froze that until the big day.

On the morning of my birthday, he flipped the transfer onto the cake and peeled off the greaseproof paper. It left an almost perfect image of Cartman! Candles were added and the cake was finished. I loved it so much.

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