Coolest Veggie Tales Cake 5

I made this cake for my sons 2nd birthday. He is a HUGE Veggie Tale fan! The problem is he loves all the characters. I decided to make this cake to include all his favorite Veggie Tale characters and I got the general template from his Veggie Tale dolls. I made the sheet cake with … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Bob and Larry Cake

Homemade Veggie Tales Bob and Larry Cake

My little boy was turning 3 and my little girl was turning 1. Their birthdays are in the same month so we did one big party for the both of them. They both love Veggie Tales so I thought of this homemade Veggie Tales Bob and Larry cake. I used 2 box cake mixes. One … Read more

Coolest Larry and Bob Birthday Cake

Homemade Larry and Bob Birthday Cake

My mom and I baked this homemade Larry and Bob birthday cake and cupcakes for my son’s 1st birthday. We used tips from others on this site. Larry is made out of a 9×13 cake and 9in round cake. We put half of the round on each end and carved one side of the 9×13 … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Birthday Cake 6

I got this idea from the Coolest Cakes website and originally from the fact that my 2-year-old is OBSESSED with Veggie Tales. I made Larry out of a 9×13 pan and Bob out of a 9-inch round. I used the other 9-inch round to write “Happy Birthday” and put the candles and a few character … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Cake

Homemade Veggie Tales Cake

This Veggie Tales Cake is a birthday cake I made for a little boy who was turning 3yrs old. His favorite characters on Veggie Tales were Larry and Bob. Both Larry and Bob (as well as the presents) were made out of rice crispie treats then covered and decorated with fondant. The party hat was … Read more

Coolest Madame Blueberry Cake

Coolest Child Cakes Photo Gallery and How-To Tips

For this Madam Blueberry cake I used a standup pumpkin cake pan. I attached her by putting a hole in the large square cake and frosting it heavily; then I put it in the cooler to harden. I used frosting for everything except the hat; I used an ice cream cone for that. I used … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Cupcakes and Birthday Cake

Homemade Veggie Tales Cupcakes and Birthday Cake

My mother and I made my daughter’s 3rd Birthday Cake and cupcakes featuring the Veggie Tales. Miss Add is a mega fan of the veggie tales and so we have been planning the Veggie Tales Cupcakes and Birthday Cake for months. About a month ago I started making cupcake charms out of polymer clay to … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Cake 8

This Veggie Tale cake is, of course, based on the Christian cartoon series for pre-schoolers. My models for the cake were actual stuffed toy dolls that belonged to Christopher, the birthday boy. The cakes were baked in bread pans and a circular bowl. The veggie tops were created from cookies, dipped in melted chocolate, c/w … Read more

Coolest Bob and Larry Cake

Bob and Larry Cake

I had seen other pictures of Veggie Tales cakes and decided to attempt my own Bob and Larry cake for my 3-year-old son’s birthday party. You Will Need: Large Sheet Cake Pan Round Cake Pan Three Boxes Cake Mix Plenty of Canned Icing Black and White Decorator Icing Wax or Parchment Paper Food Coloring I … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Birthday Cake

Homemade  Veggie Tales Birthday Cake

My two-year-old son is a Veggie Tales fanatic, so a VT party was the perfect theme for his second birthday. Before baking the cakes, I traced the pans I was using onto parchment paper to create a template. Then I used that shape to draw out the shape that I wanted Bob and Larry to … Read more

Coolest Bob the Tomato Birthday Cake

Coolest Kids Birthday Cake Ideas and Photos

I used the sport ball pan from Wiltons, followed the directions in the box on how to make the cake used the Wilton decorators buttercream icing for the decorating. I frosted once, let crust and then frosted again both with a medium consistency. After the second crust I smoothed out with wax paper. The leaves/stem’ … Read more