Coolest Bob And Larry Veggietales Cake

Hello from Bob and Larry!

This Bob and Larry Veggietales cake is a great cake to make with your extra big sheet pan. I got the image idea from a Veggietales book that my 2-year-old had. This is a classic Bob & Larry pose. Then I sketched it (actual size) out onto a big piece of paper.

I cut it out and then was able to trace it out to cut on my cake. I found that this method made sure that I wouldn’t have to worry about messing up in the moment. I used marzipan for the noses which really made the cake come to life. Also to give a little more dimension to the eyes, I made two layers of frosting.

My daughter loved the cake and still talks about how yummy and fun her Bob & Larry (or Bob & Ee) cake was. This is a great cake for aspiring but still somewhat novice cake decorators!

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