Coolest Larry Boy Childrens Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

My son loves Larry-Boy so for his second birthday I decided to give it a try seeing as I always make a childrens cake for their birthdays. I baked a large chocolate sheet cake from scratch (crazy cake’) and cut a large oval from it. With the left over edges I built Larry-Boy up in … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tale Cakes and How-To Tips 8

This Veggie Tale cake is, of course, based on the Christian cartoon series for pre-schoolers. My models for the cake were actual stuffed toy dolls that belonged to Christopher, the birthday boy. The cakes were baked in bread pans and a circular bowl. The veggie tops were created from cookies, dipped in melted chocolate, c/w … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Cupcakes and Birthday Cake

Homemade Veggie Tales Cupcakes and Birthday Cake

My mother and I made my daughter’s 3rd Birthday Cake and cupcakes featuring the Veggie Tales. Miss Add is a mega fan of the veggie tales and so we have been planning the Veggie Tales Cupcakes and Birthday Cake for months. About a month ago I started making cupcake charms out of polymer clay to … Read more

Coolest Bob the Tomato Kids Birthday Cake Ideas 0

I used the sport ball pan from Wiltons, followed the directions in the box on how to make the cake used the Wilton decorators buttercream icing for the decorating. I frosted once, let crust and then frosted again both with a medium consistency. After the second crust I smoothed out with wax paper. The leaves/stem’ … Read more