Coolest Bob the Tomato Cake

My second son has become a Bob fan every since we took our boys to see Veggie Tales live on stage. So when his second birthday rolled around he kept saying Bob cake, Bob cake.

I went on line and I liked the way the fondant Bob the Tomato cakes looked, better than the frosted cakes. So I decided to use fondant for the first time. I had to color the white fondant green and red. I bought Red tastless gel coloring and green gel coloring. When you mix the colors with the fondant use plastic gloves. It gets really messy if you don’t.(I still have green nails). His eyes are dark brown and not black. I just mixed some red and green fondant together to get a dark color.

For the cakes I used two small round pans. I used cream cheese frosting for my crumb coating and in between the two cakes. Then I rolled out the red fondant and placed it on top of the cakes and smoothed it out. I traced the eyes and mouth on wax paper from a picture I printed out, then laid the wax paper on the rolled out fondant and poked holes all around the lines then cut them out.

I brushed a little water on the back of the pieces then placed them on the cake. I rolled the stem out and then attached it with toothpicks. That easy.

I didn’t have any of the right tools (store bought for fondant) for this but I found out that a metal butter knife was good for cutting out the eyes, mouth and leaves, and also for smoothing things out.

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