Cool Quidditch Cake With Harry, Hermione and Ron

Cool Quidditch Cake With Harry, Ron and Hermione

My kids know that when it’s their birthday, they can chose whichever cake their heart desires and I will stay up all night making it for them. I try to plan in advance, but inspiration tends to hit at the last minute. So, when  my 9 year old requested a Quidditch cake for her Harry … Read more

Coolest Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake


My sons opted to have a joint birthday celebration with a Harry Potter Theme. They are huuuuuge Harry Potter fans, and have forced me to be a fan too!  I created this cake after searching the internet for inspiration. It is a two layered round cake, with chocolate and yellow cake layers.  It is covered … Read more

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

I made this sorting hat for my son’s 13th birthday. It took two days to make. The bottom part is made of 7 vanilla cake layers with alternate yellow and red frosting layers. That was the least fun part because it was repetitive and took forever. The decorations were a blast! The top of the … Read more

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Birthday Cake

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Birthday Cake

  After visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last summer, my son insisted on a Harry Potter cake. He is always very…too…involved.  He checks over ideas, debates colors with me, comes in and tells me when something doesn’t look right, but loves the end result each and every time. I make ONE cake a … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Cake Ideas 0

The ideas for this Harry Potter cake I adapted from a birthday cake book. Just quickly colored the ready made icing and chopped up a ready made cake. Quick idea for most busy mums. The kids loved it even if it isnt perfect!t perfect!

Coolest Harry Potter Cake Ideas 1

For my sons sixth birthday cake he asked for a Harry Potter Cake. I simply made a sheet cake which I covered with white icing. Found a coloring page picture of Harry Potter for a guide and hand piped on icing in the shape of his face. For a little dimension I used plastic Harry … Read more

Coolest Harry Potter Cake Ideas 2

There is a Harry Potter movie and book coming out this month so my son wanted a marble cake with a Harry Potter character and decorations. After taking the Wiltons Cake decorating course last winter I thought I could handle it. First I found a cake online that my son liked at. My son wanted … Read more