Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

I made this sorting hat for my son’s 13th birthday. It took two days to make. The bottom part is made of 7 vanilla cake layers with alternate yellow and red frosting layers. That was the least fun part because it was repetitive and took forever.

The decorations were a blast! The top of the hat is shaped out of chocolate rice krispies. I covered it with brown fondant and decorated it with stitches and patches for detail. The rim of the hat is also fondant. All the accessories around the cake are made of fondant. The wand has a skewer in it to keep it straight.

The glasses are painted with black spray. We served it with Butter Beer. It was a great hit. The best compliment I got was from one of my son’s friends: “This is a SICK cake!” he said with a huge grin on his face, “I wish I could put it on.”

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