Coolest Hamburger Birthday Cake Idea and Photos 10

We had a pool party with a barbeque. So, to go with the barbeque theme, I decided on a hamburger birthday cake idea. I used different ideas I had seen on the Internet to put this birthday cake idea together. I made 3 cakes: 2 yellow (1-8″ round and 1-9″ round), one chocolate (9″ round), … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hamburger Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

My husbands birthday is near Memorial Day and we always spend it at the beach with the family. This year he wanted a big bar-b-queue so we continued down to the cake. The buns of the hamburger cake are a vanilla cake mix baked in 8 inch pans. I leveled the bottom one and left … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hamburger Cakes 6

My step-daughter and I wanted to make a cool cake for Labor Day and after searching the internet for hamburger cakes we came up with this one. We made two 8″ cakes for the buns and one 8″ cake for the burger. My step-daughter had a great idea and used store-bought sugar cookie dough for … Read more

Cool Homemade Ice Cream Cone Cake

Homemade Ice Cream Cone Cake

This Ice Cream Cone Cake was created for my seven year old! We swirled boxed chocolate and strawberry cake mix together and baked in a large pan and cut the shape out. We then frosted adding food coloring to frosting to give more character. We piped on stripes for the waffle cone, added jelly beans … Read more

Coolest BBQ Pit Father’s Day Cake

Homemade BBQ Pit Father's Day Cake

My hubby has been wanting a new BBQ pit for several years. Money is tight so I decided to make him a BBQ Pit Father’s Day Cake. I baked two 9 x 11 chocolate cakes and put a layer of chocolate ganache between the layers. For the “pit” I just cut out a square from … Read more

Coolest Father’s Day Grill Barbecue Cake

Homemade  Father's Day Grill Barbecue Cake

I used the Wilton filling pans to create the Father’s Day Grill Barbecue cake to give the space for the charcoal (marshmallows tossed with black icing). It worked great as the black icing doesn’t completely coat the marshmallows giving it that ash look. I loosely mixed yellow and red icing to make the flames in … Read more

Coolest Pizza Cake

Homemade Pizza Cake

This pizza cake (for my pizza-craving husband’s birthday) was inspired by others on this site- thanks! 1. ‘Crust’ = white cake (from the box) baked in a large round pan. I didn’t have a 12-inch cake pan, so I used a large aluminum pie plate, bent the sides so they were straight, and lined the … Read more

Coolest Pepperoni Pizza Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Birthday Cake Design

My son wanted a Pepperoni Pizza Birthday Cake Design. I looked at the pizza cakes on this site and combined some ideas. I got a pizza box from my pizzeria so it looked real. I bought a 12″ cake pan from Michaels craft store, I used 1 1/2 vanilla cake mixes (used the leftover batter … Read more

Coolest Popcorn Birthday Cake

Homemade Popcorn Birthday Cake

I made this Popcorn cake for my daughter’s eighth birthday as she was going to the movies with a few friends for her birthday. I made a rectangular chocolate cake from which I then cut out the shape of popcorn in a box. I then covered the cake with chocolate buttercream icing. I covered the … Read more

Coolest Popcorn Birthday Cake

Homemade  Popcorn Birthday Cake

We have a movie projector so we decided to do a movie night theme for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I got inspiration for this Popcorn Birthday Cake from this site. Made an 11×15 chocolate cake, it was harder to hide than a white cake as suggested, but my daughter requested chocolate specifically. Found a buttercream … Read more

Coolest Popcorn Cake Photos and How-To tips 4

The tops of cupcakes made to look like popcorn (for a popcorn segment in a 2nd grade class). This popcorn cake came from the Family Fun website. Cut mini-marshmallows in half and immediately squish the sticky sides back together to form a piece of “popcorn”. Place the popcorn marshmallows on top of icing balls that … Read more

Coolest Sandwich Cake

Sandwich cake

I saw other models of Sandwich Cake on the Web but they were mostly made with fondant. I made mine with 2 sheet cakes, iced with buttercream. I used fondant to make the lettuce, tomatoes, pickle and chips.

Coolest S’mores Cake

Homemade  S'mores Cake

This homemade S’mores cake was for my nephew’s birthday. He had his friends gather for a “camping” party. The cakes are two, 8 inch square chocolate cakes. The filling is marshmallow creme and vanilla frosting, equal parts mixed together. For this cake I used 3/4 C of each one. The chocolate was 1 C melted … Read more

Cool Spaghetti, Meatballs and Paremsan Cheese Cake

Homemade Spaghetti and Meatball Cake

This is a Spaghetti and Meatball Cake I made for a friend who loves Italian food (don’t we all). I used a oven proof bowl for the “spaghetti” part of the cake and the Meatballs were Candy. The Parmesan cheese was white chocolate grated over the cake. The Parmesan Can was make from Shortcake sponge … Read more

Coolest Sushi Cupcakes

Homemade Sushi Cupcakes

I made these sushi cupcakes for a friend of mine who is a sushi fanatic. I got the idea from this site as well as a few other recipe sites. I actually just used a french vanilla box cake mix and divided the batter into both mini cupcake pans as well as mini loaf pans. … Read more

Cool Homemade Gumball Machine Cake

Homemade Gumball Machine Cake

I made this gumball cake for my sons 15th birthday after we saw Duff make one on Ace of Cakes. The cake is made from 4 Victoria sandwiches. I used a Victoria sponge recipe and added cocoa powder to give my son the chocolate cake he wanted. The cakes were sandwiched together with chocolate butter … Read more

Coolest M&M Cake

Homemade M&M Cake

I made this M&M cake for my father-in-law’s birthday. He is crazy about M&Ms, so I thought this would be a good idea. It was also an easy way to do one cake with chocolate frosting, and one with vanilla. I made two 6 inch layer marble cakes (boxed cake mix). Using canned frosting, I … Read more

Coolest Roasted Turkey Cake

Homemade Roasted Turkey Cake

Everyone seems to spend a lot of time carving round cakes or something, I highly recommend using the Wilton football cake pan – make 2 cakes and put them together, then simply notch the edges! The secret to getting this Roasted Turkey Cake just right was a 4 day process – day four, fondant cranberries … Read more