For my daughter’s 15th birthday bash she decided to have a Crawfish boil which I was totally thrilled about. Since Crawfish is only in season a few months out of the year, I am all for any opportunity to eat the poor little bugs.

Since Crawfish are pretty expensive and we were estimating 100 pds, I wanted to keep the cost of everything else as cheap as possible. I have recently been laid off but I am a strong believer in awesome birthday parties. It isn’t my child’s fault I lost my job. So, I started searching the internet for cake ideas for a Homemade Crawfish Boil Cake since I have all this free time on my hands anyway. Everyone was making the pot cakes which I thought was really cute, I just wanted to do something different. Then I saw online the “corn on the cob cupcakes” so I took that and decided to make up stuff for everything else.

I found a Crawfish cookie cutter online and ordered it. Then I made red velvet cake balls dipped in white chocolate and bought Burgundy food coloring. Then I decided since every crawfish boil I have ever been too, we just throw each batch out on the table, that is how I would proceed. When explaining my ideas to everyone (including my child) they just laughed at me.

However, I think the final product turned out awesome for being my first cake ever! I was extremely nervous about the fondant since I had never messed with it before but figured it couldn’t be any different than a pie crust. It is quite expensive though so be sure and clip out your 40% off coupon before going to buy your box at the craft store. This also was good cause it gave options to all the kids who didn’t like chocolate since that is what the main cake was.

The cupcakes were white cake and the balls were red velvet.