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Coolest Pizza Birthday Cake Design

I made two Pizza cakes for my nephew for his 9th birthday. He wanted a Homemade Pizza Birthday Cake Design. I made it the way he likes his Pizza. The Pepperoni I made from fruit roll ups.

The Mushrooms I made from marshmallows, I carved them to look like mushrooms, and painted them with Cocoa and water mix.

The pineapples I carved from Star Bursts, and the green peppers I made out of dots of candy. The olives I made from fondant. For the cheese I grated white chocolate and yellow chocolate and used a hair dryer to melt some of the chocolate.

The sauce I made butter cream frosting and used lost of red and a little brown and yellow food coloring mixed.

The cake I made with vanilla pudding. The second cake I just made It look like pepperoni, mushrooms and olives. I got two boxes from Pizza Hut to add to effect. He just loved it and the cake tasted great.

Homemade Pizza Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Pizza Birthday Cake Design

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