Coolest Stack O’ Pancakes Cake!

Coolest Stack O' Pancakes Cake!

My son asked for a cake that looks like pancakes. Challenge accepted! The cake is 4-layers of 6″ cakes. The ‘pancakes’ are tinted marshmallow fondant ‘rings’ stacked around the cake. I tried to make the rings a little messy to look like odd-shaped pancakes. The top pancake is entirely fondant. I painted the pancakes with … Read more

Coolest Pancake Birthday Cake

Coolest Pancake Birthday Cake

This pancake birthday cake was actually for my birthday this year! Pancake Birthday Cake Instructions I used Wiltons 5 baking pan set and made a coconut cake. I then made a coconut cream filling to go in between the layers. Once they were ready I started stacking and filling till it was done and then … Read more

A Cake for a Pancake Connoisseur!

Well let me start by saying I have become known as the cake lady…and now when we need a cake for friends or a coworker, everyone is usually looking at me. I have been ” elected” to make a cake of some sort for my boss for several years now. Every year I need to … Read more

Coolest Stack of Pancakes Birthday Cake

Coolest Stack of Pancakes Birthday Cake

My friend was giving her daughter a pancake pajama party and asked me to design a Stack of Pancakes Birthday Cake with “sprinkles” to match the colors in her pajamas. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off but I got my creative juices flowing and I was so pleased with the results. I began … Read more

Coolest Pancake Cake

Homemade Pancake Cake

This Pancake cake is truly my favorite. This is a 4 inch round cake crumb coated with butter cream icing. The pancakes are made out of fondant rolled around the cake and colored with icing color as I go layer to layer. The butter is fondant and the syrup is piping gel warmed so it … Read more