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Coolest Stack of Pancakes Birthday Cake

My friend was giving her daughter a pancake pajama party and asked me to design a Stack of Pancakes Birthday Cake with “sprinkles” to match the colors in her pajamas. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off but I got my creative juices flowing and I was so pleased with the results.

I began by baking and cooling 2 9″ round cakes and 2 8″ round cakes. I then alternated stacking them with a thin layer of icing in between each layer of cake. I started with a 9″ cake, then set an 8″ cake on top of that but slightly off center, another 9″ and another 8″ slightly off center. I then coated the entire cake with a thin layer of buttercream and refrigerated it for a couple of hours so it would be nice and set.

I covered the cake in a thin layer of fondant that I colored tan/beige with a small amount of brown food paste. The fondant was a bit tricky but working it slowly and smoothing it down and inch at a time all the way around the cake helps. I wanted each layer of the cake to have some definition so it was important that the fondant was tucked well around each layer of cake. Next I used a bit of brown food paste watered down with vanilla extract to paint along the sides and top of the cake to give it some definition.

The syrup was cut from a layer of dark brown fondant and gently laid over the top of the cake. I also cut out a few “drips” and placed them along the sides. The butter pats were also made from fondant and to give them a bit of shine I simply sponge painted them with a big of vanilla extract. The sprinkles were simply dots of fondant cut from different colors. The #2 was made from a bit of gumpaste. I stuck it in the cake by “gluing” a dowel rod to the back of it with candy melts.

I was so pleased with the results of this cake and the family was thrilled!

Coolest Stack of Pancakes Birthday Cake

Coolest Stack of Pancakes Birthday Cake

12 thoughts on “Coolest Stack of Pancakes Birthday Cake”

  1. Liz you never cease to amaze me with your cakes! I keep waiting to see you on tv one day!!!

    Ps…. yummy! I bet it taste great too!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love this! So creative. Obviously, it took a great deal of thought, time & creativity. Makes me want to just dig in right now!

  3. Liz’s cakes are always a joy to behold as well as eat. She really puts her imaginative talents into each cake. She has made cakes that look like shoes, purses, and packages tied with bows. They show her dedication and talent to making each cake unique and individualized to each person they are ordered for. Liz is definitely an artist in the field of making cakes.

  4. This cake was actually for my daughter’s birthday. It was perfect!! Everyone at the party talked about how amazing it looked and tasted. My daughter loved it! Great job, Liz!!

  5. Liz had made my children’s birthday cakes for years. I have never once doubted that if my kids could dream it, she could create it. This pancake cake is just another one of her out-of-the-box creations! One of the things I love about this cake, as well as her others, are the little surprises and attention to detail. The butter looked like it was just before melting and the pancakes looked like they could slide across each other. The larger-than-life, pixar-type animation of these pancakes drew me in immediately!

  6. wHAT A TRULY IMAGINATIVE BAKER YOU ARE! I love pancakes too and cake! Just the pic mad my taste buds wake up in a whirlwind!

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