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A Cake for a Pancake Connoisseur!

Well let me start by saying I have become known as the cake lady…and now when we need a cake for friends or a coworker, everyone is usually looking at me. I have been ” elected” to make a cake of some sort for my boss for several years now. Every year I need to be creative and try and “top the year before”. I have made a 3d chicken and coffee cup with saucer all in the name of  birthday cake. We all know those people who are hard to buy for and even harder to surprise with a cake.

Well after much soul searching I settled on the idea that a gravity defying pancake cake would fit the bill!  His family has a tradition of making Sunday morning pancakes and I thought what better than to have pancake cake! With that settled, how in the world was I going to make a cake to look like pancakes, with syrup pouring on it to boot!

My first stop was the local hardware store. I knew after some research I was going to need some copper tubing. It’s food safe and strong enough to hold my faux food cake. On to the plate, I knew I wanted to use a real plate, to make it look even more realistic, so after about 3 drill bit heads, hubby finally was able to get a hole in my plate for the copper tube.

(Fiestaware is a lot harder than you think!)  Onto modeling chocolate 101. I learned I really love the stuff, and after a few attempts I was ready to use it on my cake as syrup. So with cake baked, torted, filled, stacked and gently placed on the copper tube I was moving on to lots and lots and lots of long snake like pancake ropes. My poor eyes began to cross by the time I placed the last one but I was loving the way it looked. I just have to say that none of this would have been possible without the use of  youtube. What a fun teacher!

So cake if finished, chocolate syrup is pouring down the sides. I am one pretty proud home baker.

The next morning was so much fun and the best part about baking cakes! The smiling faces, the ” how did you do that” , the wow’s and awww’s. And on very pleased boss!

I sat there while everyone was enjoying the cake. And thought, oh no, what about next year!

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