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Coolest Pancake Birthday Cake

This pancake birthday cake was actually for my birthday this year!

Pancake Birthday Cake Instructions

  • I used Wiltons 5 baking pan set and made a coconut cake.
  • I then made a coconut cream filling to go in between the layers.
  • Once they were ready I started stacking and filling till it was done and then I put a crumb coat on it and popped it in the fridge for 2 hours.
  • I put a nice layer of buttercream icing on top and did a lighter coat on the sides.
  • Then, I let it harden up a little and smoothed it over with a small rolling pan.
  • Next, I took some buttercream icing and tinted a tan color for the sides of the cake and put it in a bag with a number 12 tip.
  • I also got yellow and brown airbrush colors mixed a little bit together till I got the color I wanted and then I began using a paint brush and painting the top of the cake.
  • After that was done I took my bag and started at the bottom and went around the whole cake with the #12 tip.
  • I then took the yellow/brown airbrush mix and painted the top of the row I just did.
  • I kept repeating that action until I reached the top.

TIP: Remember when you are going around the cake not to go perfectly straight. I would weave a little bit to add character, as well for the painting part.

  • Once I was done with the sides, I went back and touched up the top of the cake to get a little darker and I went all around the edges of the cake to see if it needed any spots touched up.
  • I then mixed up some yellow fondant and cut it into 2 squares. The butter was the only thing made out of fondant. Everything else was made out of icing!
  • I placed the butter on top.
  • I then made up piping gel and added some brown to it to tint it to look like syrup.
  • I used a spoon to drizzle it over the cake and let it drop down the sides of the cake.

Coolest Pancake Birthday Cake