Cool Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake for a 4 Year Old

Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake

I made this Candyland birthday cake for a friend. Her daughter was turning 4 and wanted a Candyland birthday party. The cake was a half of a sheet white cake with buttercream frosting. I used candy canes, starburst, suckers, marshmallows, peppermints, spice drops, ice cream cones, candy hearts, smarties, Recees’s cups, and a tootsie roll … Read more

Coolest Baby Shower Cake with a Candyland Theme

Homemade Baby Shower Cake with a Candyland Theme

This Baby Shower Cake with a Candyland Theme cake is a 3 layer Topsy Turvy cake made 2 tiers of ganache and 1 tier of chocolate fudge cake. All tiers were 3 layers filled with semi-sweet chocolate ganache and strawberry buttercream. All cakes were covered with poured pink tinted white chocolate ganache. The path was … Read more

Coolest Candyland Game Cake

Homemade Candyland Game Cake

I made this Candyland Game Cake for my daughter’s friend from school. She was celebrating her fifth birthday and let’s face it what five year old doesn’t like Candyland! It was the hit of the party! The great thing about this cake is that it would work for a girl or a boy. I started … Read more

Fun Homemade Candyland Cake Decorated With Candies

Candlyland Cake

I made this Candyland Cake for my daughters 4th birthday party. I used butter cream frosting and various candies and just copied the board game as close as possible. I found cans for edible spray paint that were very helpful in coloring the base of the cake. This was my first attempt at a fancy … Read more

Cute Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake With Tons of Candies


I made this cake for my youngest daughter’s fifth birthday. It looks similar to the gameboard of the Candyland game. I made two 9 x 13 inch cakes and frosted them side by side. The castle is made of ice cream cones with frosting on them. There are Reeses cups with chocolate frosting on top. … Read more

Cool Homemade Candy Land Cake

Candy Land Cake

This Candy Land cake is 8 inch square cakes iced smooth. Cut out square fondant pieces for path. Added butter cream and fondant accents.

Coolest Candyland Cake

Homemade Candyland Cake

My daughter wanted a Candyland Birthday and this Candyland Cake was the essence of sweetness. I wanted the cake to stay true the game and yet wanted to simplify the process as much as possible. So I gave a detailed sketch of my idea to my mother, who turned it into an almost identical translation. … Read more

Coolest Candyland Theme Cake

Homemade Candyland Theme Cake

I was having a hard time deciding what to do for my daughter’s 7th birthday party when a friend of mine suggested we do a Candyland Theme. I found all of the birthday plates, cups, etc on really cute by the way. Anyways I usually buy her cake from like Walmart or the local … Read more

Cool Candy Land Birthday Cake

Homemade Candy Land Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Candy Land 4th Birthday Party so I ran with it!!! I made this cake using two 9×13 and two 9′ round cake pans. I leveled the tops of them out then I stacked the two 9×13 cakes on top of each other then stacked the two 9′ round cakes on top … Read more

Coolest Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake

Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake

My daughter and her friends loved my homemade Candyland birthday cake. I placed one chocolate and one yellow sheet cake side by side and coated it all over with vanilla frosting. I placed the ice cream cones, representing the castle, on the cake first and then laid out the trail using starbursts. Regular and small … Read more

Cool Homemade Candyland Cake for my Daughter’s 4th Birthday

Homemade Candyland Cake

This homemade Candyland Cake is the cake I made for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She doesn’t like cake but loves candy – so what kind of birthday party doesn’t have a cake? My solution was this Candyland cake covered in all kinds of candy. The cake (base and castle) are rice crispy cake – but … Read more

Coolest Spongebob Candyland Birthday Cake

Homemade Spongebob Candyland Birthday Cake

I first saw a Candyland cake 7 years ago in my favorite recipe magazine and really thought it was a cute idea. My oldest turned 5 two years ago and I thought if I ever wanted to make this cake for him, that was going to be my last chance. To make it more “him” … Read more

How to Bake a Cake and Design it to Look Like Candy Land 0

How to bake a cake for this Candy land cake just use a simple chocolate 9 x 13″ cake iced with white buttercream icing. To make the Candyland path I used a toothpick to trace a single curvy path over the cake top. When the position of the path looked right I used the bottom … Read more

Easy Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake

Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake

I used a 13×9 pan for this Candyland Birthday Cake. I tinted white frosting blue and pink. I outlined the top of the cake with different colored licorice. I put peppermint candies all around the sides. I made the path out of white chocolate chips, mini gummy bears, sprinkled covered chocolate candies, and gummy fruit … Read more

How to Bake a Cake and Design it to Look Like Candy Land 1

A friend showed me this idea of how to bake a cake to look like Candy Land. I made two cakes and put them together. Put icing and sprayed with green food coloring topped with all different types of candy, starburst lollipops, kisses, Reeses peanut butter cups. It was lots of fun doing this with … Read more

Coolest Candyland Cake

Candyland Cake

I saw this Candyland cake in a magazine a week after my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I was so bummed, but determined to make it for her third. With a little convincing, and playing the game a lot, she helped me out. It was so much fun. And now a picture of her with her cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Candyland Cake Design

Homemade Candyland Cake Design

I made this Candyland Cake Design for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I used gumdrop and mints for the border. 1/3 of the cake I iced in blue, and the rest in green. I used Starburst for the path. M&M’s and green sprinkles for the “gingerbread tree” area, peppermint sticks and crushed peppermints for Mr. Mint’s … Read more

How to Bake a Cake and Design it to Look Like Candy Land 2

I had no clue how to bake a cake so searched this site for a Candy Land cake. We prepared an 11×14 cake and frosted it with white frosting. We then put the candy on using the game board as a model. We used starbursts for the path, candy corn (instead of candy canes), gumdrops, … Read more