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Cool Homemade Candyland Cake Design

I made this Candyland Cake Design for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I used gumdrop and mints for the border. 1/3 of the cake I iced in blue, and the rest in green. I used Starburst for the path. M&M’s and green sprinkles for the “gingerbread tree” area, peppermint sticks and crushed peppermints for Mr. Mint’s area, different sized peanut butter cups topped with chocolate icing and brown M&M’s for the Gloppy area. Mini marshmallow for Princess Frostine’s area. Suckers for Lolly, and some multi-colored licorice to represent Lord Licorice.

I made a castle-like structure using pink and green ice cream cones, and regular sugar cones.

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